Motivation-What is motivation

Motivation-What is motivation

Motivation-What is motivation

Motivation-What is motivation
Friends, a lot of people ask me what is this Motivation? Most people work hard day and night, but there is no enthusiasm in them that can lead them to success hikes. Today in this article we will talk about Motivation about what it is and how it works. So let's know about it -

Motivation is a kind of motivation that produces a fire to pass through us. Doubles our ability to work, it grows at all. We begin to do our work with full enthusiasm. It primarily works to fill our work and emotions. Motivating means to create passion in your life, to create jealousy for doing something in your life.

If you are not doing anything in your life then it can cause a fire to do something inside you so that you will never sit empty, it will create the desire to work inside you.

Motivation is like a very powerful weapon that removes the doubts running in our mind and inspires us from inside, so that we become active again in our life.

Whatever we are doing in our life is due to some motivation. It is such a powerful force that can change our life.

To reach any major level or to become successful, we need Motivation. How long will we succeed as long as we keep on sleeping! Motivation helps us stay awake and achieve our goals.

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Why do we need to be motivated?

Every person wants to be successful, and wherever there is a desire to succeed, a person needs motivation. Success makes your life happy, people respect you much more. If you are successful then people want to join you, want to learn from you and people want to be like you. And if you are not successful, then you will not find Respect anywhere in the house, in the office, which a successful person is fortunate. Your life passes without motivation, you can not reach a large level in your life ... thinking that life will be cut off by thinking that you will make some big.
If you are satisfied in your life then you will never try to go to the level further. The self-satisfied person can never motivate himself because he does not realize the needs of his life and hence he does not want to try to achieve anything.

How does motivation work?

When we understand how inspiration works, then we can inspire ourselves so that we can reach our destination, along with that we can also motivate others so that they can be successful too.
Also Read Intuition-How to supercharge your intuition It is our inner motivation to talk to yourself and to create a desire for success in your life through that matter. Suppose you started a new job but you have a fear that you will succeed or not! There is a fear in your mind about your success, but if you regularly talk to yourself and say to yourself - "My confidence is doubling every day, I am getting closer to my goal and I will be successful if I succeed. "

Such things create confidence in us and we keep ourselves motive.

Many times I talk to my friend, I scream at small things or I get annoyed due to which my focus gets diverted and it also has an effect on my work. All this weakens my inspiration and I become Demotivate.
But after so many days, when I happen to do something like this, I do such things myself, 'I will keep myself calm while talking to him and I will listen to his whole story. I know that that person is right and that I should work with restraint. '

Why is motivation important in life?

You have heard the names of Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates etc.
Who are these people?

This is a direct answer. All these people are successful.

Motivation - Meaning and importance

To understand the meaning of motivation behavior, study of motivational suffix is ​​very important. The word "Motivation" is prevalent in the same form as the English language 'Motivation'. The word motivation is derived from the Latin Latin motum, which means move or insight to action. Therefore, motivation is an operation, which stimulates the organism and activates it towards action.
Also Read  How to motivate yourself When we need anything, a desire arises within us, which results in energy, which makes the dynamic energy dynamic. Motivation is the result of these 'desires' and internal motivators and collective power of activity. High motivation should be of high willingness to generate more energy and generate mobility. Behavior can be further strengthened by motivation.

Definitions of Motivation

According to Franderson - "Successful learning in learning inspires learning more."

According to Good- "The process of starting, continuing and regularizing a work is called inspiration."

According to Lowell - "Inspiration is such a psychic or internal process, which is present in the presence of any need. It is dynamic towards such a process, which satisfies the need. "

Based on the above definitions, it can be said that motivation is an internal factor or situation which awakens the tendency of starting a verb or behavior. It also determines the direction and quantity of behavior.

Types of Motivation - The following two types of motivation are:

(A) Natural Motivation

Natural Motivations are of the following types:

(1) Psychodynamic Inspirations- These inspirations are related to human body and brain. Such motivations are necessary for a person to survive, such as food, drinking, work, consciousness, habit and emotion and emotional inspiration etc.

(2) Social motivations- Humans are a social creature. The society he lives in, the same society determines the behavior of a person. Social inspiration is learned only in the environment of society, such as nineteen, love, respect, knowledge, position, leadership etc. These are the motivations for meeting social needs.

(3) Individual motivations- Every person is born with special powers with them. These characteristics have been transferred to their parents' ancestors. At the same time, the environmental characteristics of the students leave their influence on the development of the students. The environment helps to make the physical appearance of the children tidy and normal. Individual motivations vary only on the basis of personal differences. It has interests, perspectives, self-righteousness and moral values ​​etc.

(B) Artificial Motivation - 

Artificial Inspirations are found in the following forms:

(1) It has special significance for motivating students in the works of punishment and award-school.

Punishment is a positive motivation. This gives students the benefit.

The award is a positive inspiration. It can also be physical, social and moral. This is very dear to children, so teachers should always use it.

(2) Cooperation - This is a strong motivator. Therefore, education should be provided through this. Using the method of method, it stimulates the sense of cooperation among the students.

(3) Goal, ideal and purposeful endeavor- To achieve motivation in every work, its goal should be determined. It should be clear, attractive, live, spacious and ideal.
(4) It is necessary for the motivation in maturation-students to motivate their physical, mental, social and economic status, so that they can receive education.

(5) Knowledge of motivation and fruit- To make motivation more intensified, it is necessary to make the students aware of the progress made in their work from time to time, so that they can work more enthusiastically.

(6) Putting the whole personality - Through the motivation, achieving the goal should not satisfy any particular sentiment and satisfy the entire personality. Putting overall personality into a work is a great way to generate inspiration. 
(7) Give the opportunity to participate- There is a natural tendency among students to join any work. Therefore, they should give an opportunity to work

(8) Individual work should be motivation and collective work-inspiration-at the initial level, and then it should be transformed into collective motivation because individual progress is the collective progress in the end.

Friends, how do you like these posts, tell us by commenting and sharing more and more. Thank you
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How to save money

How to save money

 How to save money

How to save money

Saving is an art and it comes from our plan thinking and thinking. Friends ! If you take some unique measures of savings, you can easily save a great deal. Here we are giving you some tips on which you can increase your savings.

Start saving from today:

The first thing is that you learn how to save from the beginning. As soon as you learn the quality of saving, the sooner you will start getting its Benifit. You must definitely save 15 to 20% of your Pocket Money. When you save some of your money, this money will be available at the time of your Emergency.

Prepare your budget:

You must know about your own and your family's expenses. You will have an idea of ​​which of your expenses is spent by the end of the month. So prepare a full budget of the month and when you get the salary, first of all, take out a part for those things that cost you the most.

Such as ration, electricity bills, expenses on their internet connections, mobile bills and children). Likewise, take care of your other small things, and save your money from them. By making such a budget, you will have the advantage that your salary will last for a whole month and there will be no difficulty in the middle.

Keep money in bank account:

If you keep your savings in a bank account, then this is a very good habit because your money is saved in the bank and you also get the benefit of profit. Nowadays there is interest of 4 to 6% on the Savings account. In this way your money will continue to be deposited in the bank and you will avoid spending it in the middle.

Keep your money accounted for:

Keep track of your money every month and keep the notes in the diary. Keeping notes of whatever you spend or purches every day, you will know by the end of the month that what is your money is the unnecessary expenditure. You will benefit from this that you will be able to make your own budget and you will get an idea of ​​your needs and ideas will also come to save money.

Skip bad habits:

By bad habits here means what you spend in extra money in your money. Alcohol, cigarettes, gutkha and pan masala. It is such a thing that your money is spent only on your health and there is also a negative effect on your health. Think of yourself, if you spend 50 rupees on a cigarette in a day, then 1500 rupees in a month goes to the extra cost of your cigarette. Therefore, avoid such unnecessary expenses and leave your bad habit.

Take care of your home furnishings:

You take care of your mobile, clothes, shoes and the same house (TV, fridge, fan, cooler, gas). Keep the household items well clean If there is some defect in something, then fix it. If you bring this thing new then you may have to spend a lot that will affect your savings. If you take proper care of the household items then they will run for long periods and you will also save money.

Save power:

Friends! If you learn to save electricity then you can save your money. The more power saving, the more money your savings will be.

You use the energy saving product For example - use CFL or LED lights instead of normal bulb. When the power is not needed, then light off. Watch TV only when you need it Similarly, save electricity and save your money.

Take advantage of Sell:

Cell phones are now being loaded in many online websites and shops. In which you get more luggage at a lower price. Along with getting good stuff, you get good discounts as well. Instead of making small purchases from shops, you can shop at a large store simultaneously. This will save you a lot of money.

Survivors of Fiscal Expenses:

Many times when we get out of the house, we spend too much with friends. There is no need of any more. If you think that if you spend a lot of money in your month after walking out, you can reduce walking. You can go out alone or you can get out of time. This way you can save your money.

Those who need more, buy the same stuff:

The general rule of savings is that "firstly he bought the stuff that is very much needed. He did not buy stuff that does not need much ". This means that there is no point in buying the goods of the unnecessarily. You just buy the one you need so much. Whenever you buy something, consider it to be something that is necessary for you or you are just buying it like this. Example: You have a very good mobile and that is also working well.

If there is a new mobile Lounch in the market where there is a lot of New And Better Feature then you would not have thought of buying it. Buy it only when your phone does not offer good service. Buying everything by thinking in this way - understanding only.

Invest Your Money:

Saving is a very good quality, but it is also very important to put that savings in the right place. You should also learn to invest your savings. Investment means putting your money in a place that gives you a lot of money in these money, that means you have a lot of benefit. You can invest a portion of your savings in the stock market, buy gold or you can add property to your money. As the price increases, it will continue to grow.

Manage mobile bills:

The way the mobile needs our every moment is the same. We have to recharge and mobile for the Internet. You also make a monthly budget of your internet charge and mobile balance. Put full talktime and cheap call rates pack for recharging your phone. For the Internet, you can get a single recharge for the month, which will give you net availability for the entire month.

Friends! According to the experience of our life, and according to the present life style, you have told us Paise Bachane Ke important Tips here. You start adopting them from today for your Money Saving. So you could save a lot of money. Remember it is easy to earn but saving is difficult.

How much you spend with your savings is not important, but how much you save from your expenses is more important. So understand the principle of saving and do not take the savings lightly. Savings money is the money that plays with you in your emergency and protects you from many problems. So let's save now and become rich.

Friends, we sincerely hope that this post will help you save money. If you like this post and have a suggestion, definitely tell us by commenting.
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What is life~Success with happy

What is life~Success with happy

what is life

What is life and purpose of life
William Shakespeare said that "Life is a stage and we are the artists of this theater ... Everyone views life with their own eyes. Someone says life is a game, someone says life is a gift given to God. Someone says life is a journey. Someone says life is a race and many more.
There are many people in this world who are living on the basis of their thinking. Everyone is involved in the race of life! It has become the motto of life to beat one another! Today does not have any time! Not even for ones! All lives are living, but there is no comfort anywhere else! Far away from knowing about God, today even today, God is in the realm of doubt! God has become one of the many! Now there is a fight on which divine is superior?

Is this life? Should we just struggle from birth to death? What is the meaning and purpose of life?

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What should we do for a quiet and relaxed life? The lines below were heard from a madman's mouth!

Do not earn that way

Do not spend like that

Do not eat like this

Do not talk like that

Do not let this happen late

Do not think that worry

But nowadays human beings do it! Sometimes I wonder who is mad?
Human life is an ego boon! This is an invaluable opportunity to know about God! It's a huge loss to lose this opportunity!

Man's life would be meaningful if he came from someone else's work! The purpose of human life is to know about God, that is salvation!

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In order to know about God, there should be a strong desire in the mind of man first of all! That desire will not come unless the heart of man is holy! The heart is sacred from the service of others! Everyone has won for himself but those who have won for others are always remembered!
Two hours to eat, the clothes required for roti tan and a house is the minimum requirement for living! Those who do not have this fortune, they are the helpers of help, and those who have more than this should help them!

Swami Sivananda says, "Do two more, your safe will never be broken."

Charity is a sacrament to sanctify a heart! Joe gave it!

Humans should be like salt, which does not appear if they live in food and if they do not, then they will feel less!

The meaning of human life will be fulfilled when it comes to someone else's work!

The purpose of life of man is to know God! For this purpose, man should try!
There will be many obstacles in this! But constant effort brings success! Slowly a stream drops in the stone! Should be continued effort! If you stand for any purpose, then stand like a tree! And if it is to fall then fall like seeds, so that they can grow again to fulfill that purpose! Do not give up when falling, defeat happens when no more effort is done!

Our goal should be to know this precious person by putting this precious man in the right path! This is a masculine but not impossible!

If we do what we have been doing, then we will get what we have always met! To get God, we should do more!
To bring rituals in our life, then to bring the series, then to live like salt and get the Lord!

Both the meaning and purpose of life will be fulfilled!

To achieve the purpose of life, the meaning of life should be fulfilled!

That's why we should be a good person before all!

Life is also:-

A Tilism, a Cheat, an Abusive Puzzle

A Tselus - A moving walk is a charisma which gives glance to fight with all the difficulties, gives the ability to go beyond its shortcomings, and who also has the power to change the law of law. The man has been able to cross seven seas on the strength of this, it inspired us to fight on the moon and this taught us the lesson of humanity.

A cheat - life and nothing else is just about to touch the horizon. One such maze is very difficult to get out A mirage, which does not even let us sit in peace.

An abusive puzzle - all the history of humanity is an attempt to solve this puzzle. Many religions, philosophers, have tried to solve this puzzle, but every solution gives birth to a new question and the Yaksha question stands again in its place.

In the words of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho)

"Life is not a problem, it's mystery to be lived. Do not try it out" - Osho
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What is success

What is success

What is success

Everyone has a different view of what success is all about. It is a success for someone to make a lot of money, to earn a lot of money for someone is success. In fact, friends, it is not true that every rich person is successful. It is not that success has nothing to do with poverty Even after being rich, it is also successful, even if one is poor, it is also successful.
We can not measure success by the scale of money, we can happily measure the success which is as happy as it is.Friends who are more happy are equally successful. We can not buy happiness from money.We should do all this for happiness or success.We must rise before sunrise to become successful. The day we rise early will be more happy.

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We get all the pure oxygen in the morning before sunrise, which gives us energy to work all day long.We get up early and get time for yoga meditation which is beneficial for our health.
By picking up early we can take time for our work and our own. We can plan on how to think about the day-to-day work.By doing yoga, we can get rid of many diseases, get more power to work, yoga comes with inner strengths.We mostly live in the future or the past tense, the time-consumers waste time thinking about it in vain. If we think about our problems then most of us think about the past, why did it happen to us, in this we waste precious time. Living with pain can not be happy.We also worry too much about the future, and what will happen in the future will ruin the precious time in the future.If we go to life in the present, then the future itself will be very good, which is present in the present, we go to the sky of success, friends.If we continue to fear in the future, we will destroy both our present and future.

Friends should live by staying in the present and they want to be good. The future starts flying successfully.We enjoy some time everyday for successShould be given for desires that we like to do, it should work like playing cricket, playing other games, music, listening to or watching the sun TV should work, which should give us more energy.That makes us work faster than we get success. Friends, this is the basic mantra of success. You will pray to God, get all the sky of success.
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Success quotes:-

1. The worst thing is that man's word is the most popular in the world, but it is more sad than the words 'but', 'but', 'if', 'mugar', 'hard', and 'impossible' are words. Are.

2. When you market yourself, people will talk to you as opportunists, superlatives, oboesmasters, clever etc.
Do not care about them, because after a few days, the word will survive on their tongue - successful.

3. I believe that success is more important than being a genius, commonsense being.
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Self confidence-How to increase self confidence

Self confidence-How to increase self confidence

Self confidence-How to increase self confidence

While speaking at the interview or on a forum, many people's arms and legs are thrilled because they do not believe in themselves. No matter how many knowledge you have, but if you are not self confident then your knowledge is nothing for you. Many times you have the chance to prove your worth and at the time that your self confidence is shaken then you have to retreat.

Due to lack of self confidence, there is a negative impact on our personality. Many times we miss many big possibilities due to lack of self confidence.

1. Follow the successful people's

If you look at a successful man around you or at any event, you must have noticed that you will have full confidence in that man. Any person who achieves or succeeds in his life is always alive with Aatmvishvas. Many actors and entrepreneurs, politicians, great cricketers, or any businessman, have full confidence in the quality of the confidence.

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If a person is physically and mentally unwell, if he gets success then its main reason is that the person's self confidence. Because of the self-confidence, Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States after losing elections many times, his success was due to confidence. Similarly if you look around you then many exmple will also get you.

Successful person has complete faith in himself because of which he achieves success. Confidence in a person may be more or less, but you should do your best to increase self confidence in yourself.

To make your confidence strong and to make personality effective, if you bring these changes in your thinking, sure luck will be your step.

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2. Pay attention to the basic thing

The first and most important point to increase your self-confidence is to pay attention to your basic things ... Suppose you do any work you do business, do jobs, students, everyone is very aware of their basic needs. It starts improving your inner belief.

3. Start thinking in mind start managing your time

Start thinking about your work in mind ... But how do we help you in this? Suppose you do any work like: do business, run the company, you teach a teacher, you are a house wife, you do a job ….And so on.

Dear Friends, First of all, its method comes in your mind only after that you impede it ... Before this implementation you will have to see a picture in your mind ... which will help you to achieve your confidence.

4. Find out your strengths and weaknesses

There is no human in this world which is complete, there is no weakness in it, it is not a matter of alarm. It happens with everyone ... But the big thing is that you should know what your strength is and weakness It is positive thinking and what is negativity is that after finding out your confidence will improve.

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5. Control emotions on self confidence

The most important thing guys, weak man of emotions (emotion) person is problematic to take decision so your emotion kept control over your sense ... that was ruining his emotion with the situation if possible if needed otherwise Will hinder your hard decision.

Because friends, if you can not make any decision in time, then you can be harmed so that your confidence will fall down, then you can control 100 percent on your emotion.

6. Evaluate your positive development

Think about your good words, think about your good work done, think of them, understand their importance, make them your weapon, for further planning, it will generate both strength and faith within you and you win and forward Will become.
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How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate your self

How to motivate yourself

Hello friends, how do you expect to be very good. Today we will talk about how you can motivate yourself or how you can inspire yourself. By the way, many people tell a lot of solutions, but today we are going to tell you some tips from how you can do your supercharge. Can have. Today's topic is very important, so I would like to say to everyone that read this topic fully and comment on how you felt today's topic. So let's tell you how you can motivate yourself

1- Do not think what people will say about you

Do not think about what people will think or say about you. You must know this saying "what the biggest disease will say people" And most people are victims of this proverb and do not start any work thinking that and they are left behind in the race of life. Therefore, my opinion is that whatever you want to do, do it because it will think what people will say, then you will never be able to start any work. So do not think much about what you do with heart because there is hardly any such thing which all people liked together.

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2- Speak Truth, Be Honest, Avoid Smoking

Always speak the truth, be honest, do not smoke, and always help the needy, Always do good work related to nature. Because doing such work will give you positive thoughts in communication and you will always be motivated to do good work. At the same time, our motivation falls down due to wrongful work.

3- Do the things you are interested in

Do the same thing in which you are interested and try to take your carrier in the same direction as you will be interested in doing the work you are interested in, and if that work is done properly then you will definitely get success and you Always be happy.

4- Become behaving and always behave with humility and smile

Be attentive and always present with humility and smile to anyone, because doing this will comfort both you and the front, and the prestige in your society will also increase. Your compatible will be from good people, which will help you to learn a lot, No work will stop and you will touch new heights in life.Good friends always help.

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5-Participate in motivationals seminar

Take part in the motorized seminars and watch videos and TV programs that give you weightage. Read Self Improvement and Motivational Books. By doing this our brain gets recharged and the power to do something new.

6 live at present

None of us have control over what happened next in your life and what is going to happen next, so there is no benefit from engaging in it. Therefore, leave the ghost out of future and leave the habit of living in the present. If you live your life, then your future will improve automatically because your future depends on what you are currently doing.

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7- Think positive

Always keep positive thinking in mind, because if you think positively you will always get positive energy and you will always be able to do good work. On the other hand if you bring negative thoughts to your mind then no work will be done right from you because when you Thinking is negative, how can you think of that work being successful.

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How to believe in yourself

How to believe in yourself

How to believe in yourself


How to believe in yourself

 we will know that it is necessary to increase self confidence to do any task. We all know that no man without self confidence can be successful. And the scale of success passes through its self-confidence.

If the pitcher is slaughtered in a swampy land, then he will stand for some time but after bowing down slowly, he will fall after some time. It is easy to put sticks in the yard, but it is very difficult to keep him standing. On the contrary, It has to be done very hard, even if the soil is to be digged, then it goes and pulls the pouch down but it is very difficult to uproot it. Confidence is like a ground land In which we broach our pocket of knowledge. Spirituality does not mean to believe in the soul but to believe in yourself. Here the meaning of the word self is not from the soul. When the ground of self-confidence becomes ready within us Then whatever we read, listen or do whatever we do, our hold on it is very strong. If we are afraid of inside, then beam of forgetting Is very weak felt inside are suffering from Ri, which means that the bogey within our land which knowledge form picket Grna difficult.

I have learned to believe in myself that I can do this work because I believe in myself there is a power, energy is because you too must have said that when you are confused with self-confidence, then any work will be bigger to you or At the same time, even if your self-confidence falls down, you also find it difficult to do a lot of work at that time. So, let's say we are going to tell you some tips that will make your self Iswas be very moving.

1 Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, set your goal and always be committed to fulfill it. When you meet your goals it increases your confidence several times.

2 creat goals

Make goals that you can accomplish because when the goals you make are not fulfilled by you, then you are very troubled at that time and they drop down your confidence and you lose confidence in yourself. The target should be Claire, which can be obtained.

3 Always be happy

Always be happy, motivate yourself. Do not be unhappy with failure and learn that why we have failed and try to find a solution. Because the experience always comes from bad experiences.

Always do simple things first

Always try to do simple things first because you are comfortable with whatever is easy, so that your confidence increases very much and hard work also makes you feel very easy and you can do that hard work too. Find it easily.

5 Always think positive

Always start your day with positivethinking. Always be polite and try to start the day always with a good work because if you start the day with a good work, then positive energy will remain heavy throughout the day, and You will do any work by doing this so that the work will be done easily and correctly and you will not have any problem.

6 There is nothing impossible in this world

There is nothing in the world impossible if we decide that we will continue to do this work, if there are obstacles to do it, then after doing that work, whatever will happen. The biggest enemy of confidence, in any work Fear of failure is to remove this fear, because on the day when we have overcome the fear, all the work will be done easily by itself since that is the victory ahead of fear.
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