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How to become a famous

How to become a famous

How to become a famous:
very person has a view of seeing the world. If someone sees a thorn in the flower of the pulp, then the person is flowering. The person who thinks like the world looks like this. Some people see the problem, then some people see the problem. Opportunities on every side. Some people are unhappy at birthdays that the age has diminished, then some people are happy that they spend a great year and a wonderful year is in front. According to your thinking, things are seen and that's the way Decreases.Today we are going to know through some stories........

1 Different view of different people

The four blinds came in the court of a king. The king gave them an elephant and said that you describe the person you are touching. The person who was right on the tail said that the elephant is like a rope. The person who was right on the leg said that the elephant is like a thick stem of the tree. The person who stood on the trunk said that the elephant snake The person who happens to be on the stomach d said that the elephant is like a thick wall and in the four arguments,
The essence is that every person sees everything and events from their own point of view. One person can be bad for someone so good for someone. Different people have different opinions about the same thing or issue and they all keep obeying their voice. So work on your point of view if your point of view is happiness, then happiness will become your companion and if your attitude is to seek happiness, then you will never regret it. It is harmful to look at any object or issue from one side to the other. So before making a full opinion, try to think differently and try again. Try to find opportunities in the pursuit of happiness, because there is nothing better than sitting in the head. Will happen.

2 Think out of box

A well-known company of shoes sent a salesman to take stock of the market to increase his business in Africa. Selesman reached there and saw that most people did not have shoes on their feet. Dismissing the salesmen, bad news of sending the report to the company It does not wear any jute here. After this, the company has got another salesman's name. There is a good news.This is a good business opportunity, we will have great profits. People do not wear shoes here, just once they have to explain the importance of shoes.
          Give friends and yourself a positive optimistic thinking to yourself and your family, because wealth is more superior than those who give wealth to parents who can develop right views in their children. If the attitude is negative, then you will be disturbed between all the pleasures as the meter of satisfaction does not rot through satisfaction. If there is a direct connection between prosperity and satisfaction, then the industrialist and film star do not commit suicide due to depression. The only reason for everyone to be sad Incidents do not decrease in the mind. Please wait a moment, consider the matter. It is good to change everything in the world, it is better to change yourself Received.

3 . Do something  extra

By doing the same work everyday in the morning, it is very difficult for you to get some extra in life. If you want some extras in life, then you have to give some extras to your life too.You see job advertisement The priority will be given to those who have extra priorities and experience. See in the advertisement with cream free of oil, comb with free soap, house with foreign or Without Ra free means something extra given to any product not Biktaktik becoming less the value of human additional properties without the same way.

Life is like a contest here, the most competent player can win, so start showing extra interest in the work from today itself. During each task, one must think about which one idea can be put in it.

In the journey where others stop getting tired, just move one step ahead of you.Today Extra Ruichi Little Dedication, A Little Exsta Idea This Sexually Transmitted

In humans, there is a difference between humans.
By giving a little extra fondness, you can make others yours, you can earn extra money by doing a little extra work, you can become a successful student by doing a little extra study. Today we are going to tell you this story through a story.

4. Do every work timely and regular

Mohan Singh Oberoi also always believed in extracting something in life. "Just a step" and "This was his follow-up. All his efforts to get a government job in the state of Yudhtha went waste, one day he went to a hotel in Shimla. Mohan Singh Oberoi told the manager that I am ready to do whatever work I will give you. Fortunately, he got a job as a clerk, whose job was to provide hot water in the rooms of the hotel's customers. His work would begin at 4 o'clock, but Mohan Singh's dark darkness reached at around 3 o'clock and he was sure to reach hot water in every room.They did not get extra money from this extra work nor did they do this for their name. But this was his whole habit and his habit of dedication created the empire of the Oberoi Group. We are all aware of the story ahead.

               Friends can get fat salaries and good jobs only with the help of extra qualities. If you keep this extra formula at every turn of life, you will not be able to become ordinary even if you want to. You must be special. After asking yourself a sincere question, what have I done a bit extra in this? And if you are not ready to give this a little extra, then you are ready to stay common.

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