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Success story-motivational story

Success story-Motivational story

Pencil producer asked pencil before closing the pencil in packet - before I send you to work in the world, it is very important to know five things before and if you remember these things then you will be called the best pencil in the world.

* You will do many good things in the world but for that you have to entrust yourself to others by believing in yourself.

* You will be suffering from pain from time to time, but after that splash your quality will come out and you will be able to perform better.

* You have the ability to improve your own mistakes.

* Your most important part will be in you, always remember it.

* On any surface, let's leave unnecessary marks. Regardless of the circumstances, you do not want to write down.

Pencil promised to follow the rules by following the rules to be the best and went into the cannabis. See these rules by applying yourself to yourself. Keep yourself in place of that pencil and become more passionate person Know the rules

1 You have to do many good things in the world, to achieve many accomplishments but to believe in God and to influence other people with their own qualities.

2 You will also get difficult situations from time to time. You will also get splashed. You will also have pain but you have to face it. It is necessary for you to make a strong and strong person.

3 Ability to improve acceptance of the mistakes you make.

4 Your most important part is inside you.Your soul, your character, your heart is all that precious and this will be your excellence.

5 Whatever life you live in, leave your mark. Regardless of the circumstances, be sure to keep your responsibilities with full conviction.
In this story of a small pencil, the mysteries of life are concealed. If one of these rules is answered in your life, then understand that you have attained a place. There is no need for long chanting scriptures for change in life, when You will not even know if a small matter touches your heart.


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