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What is life~Success with happy

what is life

What is life and purpose of life
William Shakespeare said that "Life is a stage and we are the artists of this theater ... Everyone views life with their own eyes. Someone says life is a game, someone says life is a gift given to God. Someone says life is a journey. Someone says life is a race and many more.
There are many people in this world who are living on the basis of their thinking. Everyone is involved in the race of life! It has become the motto of life to beat one another! Today does not have any time! Not even for ones! All lives are living, but there is no comfort anywhere else! Far away from knowing about God, today even today, God is in the realm of doubt! God has become one of the many! Now there is a fight on which divine is superior?

Is this life? Should we just struggle from birth to death? What is the meaning and purpose of life?

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What should we do for a quiet and relaxed life? The lines below were heard from a madman's mouth!

Do not earn that way

Do not spend like that

Do not eat like this

Do not talk like that

Do not let this happen late

Do not think that worry

But nowadays human beings do it! Sometimes I wonder who is mad?
Human life is an ego boon! This is an invaluable opportunity to know about God! It's a huge loss to lose this opportunity!

Man's life would be meaningful if he came from someone else's work! The purpose of human life is to know about God, that is salvation!

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In order to know about God, there should be a strong desire in the mind of man first of all! That desire will not come unless the heart of man is holy! The heart is sacred from the service of others! Everyone has won for himself but those who have won for others are always remembered!
Two hours to eat, the clothes required for roti tan and a house is the minimum requirement for living! Those who do not have this fortune, they are the helpers of help, and those who have more than this should help them!

Swami Sivananda says, "Do two more, your safe will never be broken."

Charity is a sacrament to sanctify a heart! Joe gave it!

Humans should be like salt, which does not appear if they live in food and if they do not, then they will feel less!

The meaning of human life will be fulfilled when it comes to someone else's work!

The purpose of life of man is to know God! For this purpose, man should try!
There will be many obstacles in this! But constant effort brings success! Slowly a stream drops in the stone! Should be continued effort! If you stand for any purpose, then stand like a tree! And if it is to fall then fall like seeds, so that they can grow again to fulfill that purpose! Do not give up when falling, defeat happens when no more effort is done!

Our goal should be to know this precious person by putting this precious man in the right path! This is a masculine but not impossible!

If we do what we have been doing, then we will get what we have always met! To get God, we should do more!
To bring rituals in our life, then to bring the series, then to live like salt and get the Lord!

Both the meaning and purpose of life will be fulfilled!

To achieve the purpose of life, the meaning of life should be fulfilled!

That's why we should be a good person before all!

Life is also:-

A Tilism, a Cheat, an Abusive Puzzle

A Tselus - A moving walk is a charisma which gives glance to fight with all the difficulties, gives the ability to go beyond its shortcomings, and who also has the power to change the law of law. The man has been able to cross seven seas on the strength of this, it inspired us to fight on the moon and this taught us the lesson of humanity.

A cheat - life and nothing else is just about to touch the horizon. One such maze is very difficult to get out A mirage, which does not even let us sit in peace.

An abusive puzzle - all the history of humanity is an attempt to solve this puzzle. Many religions, philosophers, have tried to solve this puzzle, but every solution gives birth to a new question and the Yaksha question stands again in its place.

In the words of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho)

"Life is not a problem, it's mystery to be lived. Do not try it out" - Osho


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