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Motivation-What is motivation

Motivation-What is motivation

Motivation-What is motivation
Friends, a lot of people ask me what is this Motivation? Most people work hard day and night, but there is no enthusiasm in them that can lead them to success hikes. Today in this article we will talk about Motivation about what it is and how it works. So let's know about it -

Motivation is a kind of motivation that produces a fire to pass through us. Doubles our ability to work, it grows at all. We begin to do our work with full enthusiasm. It primarily works to fill our work and emotions. Motivating means to create passion in your life, to create jealousy for doing something in your life.

If you are not doing anything in your life then it can cause a fire to do something inside you so that you will never sit empty, it will create the desire to work inside you.

Motivation is like a very powerful weapon that removes the doubts running in our mind and inspires us from inside, so that we become active again in our life.

Whatever we are doing in our life is due to some motivation. It is such a powerful force that can change our life.

To reach any major level or to become successful, we need Motivation. How long will we succeed as long as we keep on sleeping! Motivation helps us stay awake and achieve our goals.

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Why do we need to be motivated?

Every person wants to be successful, and wherever there is a desire to succeed, a person needs motivation. Success makes your life happy, people respect you much more. If you are successful then people want to join you, want to learn from you and people want to be like you. And if you are not successful, then you will not find Respect anywhere in the house, in the office, which a successful person is fortunate. Your life passes without motivation, you can not reach a large level in your life ... thinking that life will be cut off by thinking that you will make some big.
If you are satisfied in your life then you will never try to go to the level further. The self-satisfied person can never motivate himself because he does not realize the needs of his life and hence he does not want to try to achieve anything.

How does motivation work?

When we understand how inspiration works, then we can inspire ourselves so that we can reach our destination, along with that we can also motivate others so that they can be successful too.
Also Read Intuition-How to supercharge your intuition It is our inner motivation to talk to yourself and to create a desire for success in your life through that matter. Suppose you started a new job but you have a fear that you will succeed or not! There is a fear in your mind about your success, but if you regularly talk to yourself and say to yourself - "My confidence is doubling every day, I am getting closer to my goal and I will be successful if I succeed. "

Such things create confidence in us and we keep ourselves motive.

Many times I talk to my friend, I scream at small things or I get annoyed due to which my focus gets diverted and it also has an effect on my work. All this weakens my inspiration and I become Demotivate.
But after so many days, when I happen to do something like this, I do such things myself, 'I will keep myself calm while talking to him and I will listen to his whole story. I know that that person is right and that I should work with restraint. '

Why is motivation important in life?

You have heard the names of Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates etc.
Who are these people?

This is a direct answer. All these people are successful.

Motivation - Meaning and importance

To understand the meaning of motivation behavior, study of motivational suffix is ​​very important. The word "Motivation" is prevalent in the same form as the English language 'Motivation'. The word motivation is derived from the Latin Latin motum, which means move or insight to action. Therefore, motivation is an operation, which stimulates the organism and activates it towards action.
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Definitions of Motivation

According to Franderson - "Successful learning in learning inspires learning more."

According to Good- "The process of starting, continuing and regularizing a work is called inspiration."

According to Lowell - "Inspiration is such a psychic or internal process, which is present in the presence of any need. It is dynamic towards such a process, which satisfies the need. "

Based on the above definitions, it can be said that motivation is an internal factor or situation which awakens the tendency of starting a verb or behavior. It also determines the direction and quantity of behavior.

Types of Motivation - The following two types of motivation are:

(A) Natural Motivation

Natural Motivations are of the following types:

(1) Psychodynamic Inspirations- These inspirations are related to human body and brain. Such motivations are necessary for a person to survive, such as food, drinking, work, consciousness, habit and emotion and emotional inspiration etc.

(2) Social motivations- Humans are a social creature. The society he lives in, the same society determines the behavior of a person. Social inspiration is learned only in the environment of society, such as nineteen, love, respect, knowledge, position, leadership etc. These are the motivations for meeting social needs.

(3) Individual motivations- Every person is born with special powers with them. These characteristics have been transferred to their parents' ancestors. At the same time, the environmental characteristics of the students leave their influence on the development of the students. The environment helps to make the physical appearance of the children tidy and normal. Individual motivations vary only on the basis of personal differences. It has interests, perspectives, self-righteousness and moral values ​​etc.

(B) Artificial Motivation - 

Artificial Inspirations are found in the following forms:

(1) It has special significance for motivating students in the works of punishment and award-school.

Punishment is a positive motivation. This gives students the benefit.

The award is a positive inspiration. It can also be physical, social and moral. This is very dear to children, so teachers should always use it.

(2) Cooperation - This is a strong motivator. Therefore, education should be provided through this. Using the method of method, it stimulates the sense of cooperation among the students.

(3) Goal, ideal and purposeful endeavor- To achieve motivation in every work, its goal should be determined. It should be clear, attractive, live, spacious and ideal.
(4) It is necessary for the motivation in maturation-students to motivate their physical, mental, social and economic status, so that they can receive education.

(5) Knowledge of motivation and fruit- To make motivation more intensified, it is necessary to make the students aware of the progress made in their work from time to time, so that they can work more enthusiastically.

(6) Putting the whole personality - Through the motivation, achieving the goal should not satisfy any particular sentiment and satisfy the entire personality. Putting overall personality into a work is a great way to generate inspiration. 
(7) Give the opportunity to participate- There is a natural tendency among students to join any work. Therefore, they should give an opportunity to work

(8) Individual work should be motivation and collective work-inspiration-at the initial level, and then it should be transformed into collective motivation because individual progress is the collective progress in the end.

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