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Motivational story, motivational story in english, Inspirational story, inspirational story with moral

Motivational story, motivational story in english, Inspirational story, inspirational story with moral

Motivational story, motivational story in english, Inspirational story, inspirational story with moral
Story 1
A king was roaming in the village to know the recent move of his subjects. The roar of his stroke was broken. The king asked the minister, who is in this village who is able to put a button on my kurt.

The minister came to know that there is only one tailor in the village whose name is Sukhi Ram. He was taken in front of the king. The king said that you can put a button of my kurt. Sukhi Ram said, "Huzur, this is a little hard work, I do it every day."
Sukhi Ram took a button and put the King's kurti button on the thread. The broken button was near the king. So the tailor had to use only his thread.

Raja asked the tailor how much money? He said, Maharaj, let it be.

The king again asked the tailor, say, how much money do I give?
Sukhi Ram thought I would get 2 rupees. Then, in my mind, the king did not think that, instead of applying this button, I was taking 2 rupees and how much would it take from the villagers.

He told the king that Maharaj, give whatever you think is right. The king asked the minister to give this tailor 2 villages. Where tailor was demanding only 2 rupees and where did the king give 2 villages. Sukhiram happily accepted the fiefdom of both the villages.


"When any person does his work properly, and if he leaves the decision to give his reward to God, then he is always good with them."

Story 2

Today the name of the boy I am going to tell you is called Rohit. Rohit has been very fond of walking around from childhood. Seeing the new place and meeting new people was in its habit.

'Snow gliding' became his favorite hobby. Life was completely in his hands and he was living the whole life.
But then a shock suddenly changed his entire life. Rohit got meningitis, due to which his left ears, kidneys and both legs stopped working under knees.

Her family was in bad shape crying. They were cursing that day when Rohit had decided to go to Ladakh. After being in coma for a long time, when Mohit sensed, both of his feet were missing. If the person who desires to measure the world with his feet does not remain, then such a life does not remain anymore.

Rohit's life changed in a few days. Rohit now went into depression and always kept thinking about his incomplete dreams. One day, suddenly he decided how long it would last. He decided to live life fresh from the back. With the help of doctors, he started prostatic legs and then learned to stand on his feet again.
Whenever someone asked him, he only said one thing: - What happens in life is for good.

It was also necessary to be with me because I had a dream that I would roam the world and fulfill my hobby of snow gliding. But my feet used to answer, especially in the cold. Blood seemed to freeze, but now my feet are rubber.

I can stay in the snow for as long as I want and not only this now I do not even care about the size of my shoes. Because I have the feet of every size that exist.

After losing both his legs, Rohit also created a sports snooker along with a sports trainer who used to teach sports for the disabled people of the country.


"If you have confidence then you can do great things too easily, so always keep your confidence, you will find it easier to do any hard work."
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