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Tamil rockers 2019-who are tamil rockers,All about tamilrockers,Tamilrockers all details who are these TamilRockers?

Tamil rockers 2019-who are tamil rockers,All about tamilrockers,Tamilrockers all details

who are these TamilRockers?

TamilRokars is a group of people who engage in illegal acts of piracy of films. TamilRockers is the name of their website, on which almost every movie is available only after a few days of its release. This website started in 2007, which started serving people the parated content. First of all, this website leaked Rajinikanth's 'Shivaji' movie. These websites feature movies in many quality, including Camrip, Webrip, BluRay HD rip, DVDrip, HD rip. That is, the film is also pirated, but the quality gets you high.

       Tamil Rockers is a website providing pirated movies. Apart from Tamil and Telugu on this website Hindi and English films are also available for download illegally. The people linked to this website were also arrested in April 2018. Before this, its owners have been arrested in December 2016 and September 2017. The government has blocked the Tamil Rockers website many times, but this website is activated again with the new domain name and IP address.

TamilRockers website is quite popular among South Indian people. People on this website download movies in free. Prior to the Kabbali film, there was considerable traffic on this website. Because the owners of Torrent, the second website that provided pirated movies in India, were arrested. There are about 25 thousand followers on this website on Twitter.

This website was started in 2011 and with its beginnings, it became very popular among filmmakers.

Due to being illegal, their website has been banned, but as soon as a website is banned, they make the other. Rather they should say that they always keep backup ready. Ever never know .com and do not know which domains they have. One of these websites searched by ichowk and show there that 'Avengers: Endgame' movie is available for download. These movies are also available in 10 types of quality but not one-two. Because of the website being illegal, its address can not be told, but by looking at the picture below you will understand that the 'Avengers: Endgame' has been leaked.

How is TamilRockers earning?

Neither TamilRockers takes any money nor asks to make an account to download these movies. That is, neither is your money being spent, nor the information and you are getting a high quality movie in high quality. Now the biggest question is, how then would they earn? After all, buying so many domains and hosting them on servers around the world, they all spend a lot of money. Actually, TamilRockers have all the earnings from advertising. These ads are also not of Google Adsense because this website is illegal. These ads will also not appear on the page, but when you click something, some ads will open.

Now the matter is of the figures, who will see the eyes explode

The Alexa Ranking of the domain of TamilRockers which has a print shot above is 440 in India and 7,352 in the world. The ranking of PM Modi's website is not even of, which is 2,270 in India and 45,740 in the world. The highest traffic on this website comes from India (40%). Qatar is second and Saudi Arabia on third.

TamilRockers Alexa ranking is 440 in India and 7,352 in the world.

According to whois, this domain has been purchased on April 4, 2019, i.e. just 20 days ago. It has been registered as Gandi SAS and is buying it from France. Its hosting is happening on a server in California. Let us know that any website gets good rank in Alexa only when there is a lot of traffic on it. And in just 20 days, the ranking of a website so far (440) means that there is a lot of traffic on it, probably like Facebook-Google

It is not that the government is doing nothing to stop Tamil Rockers. Many of its domains and URLs have been banned, but if the government bans one, then they purchase two new domains. Any new domain is created soon after any website is banned, which it shares on social media. In November last year, some admin on this website was arrested from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. But it is not less than a terrorist group, even if one or two members are caught or killed, many people are engaged in spreading terror. Well, even though people of this website offer you different kinds of links to download the movie, but keep in mind that there is a piracy crime and you are also participating by downloading pirated movies.


This post has not been written to offend any website or institution. Only information about who is Tamil Rokkers has been given and success with does not violate any law. And also advises you not to use any illegal websites.


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