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What is the purpose of life

What is the purpose of life

What is the purpose of life

 If you have no purpose in life, then living your life is like dying.  If you are living life then you will definitely have a purpose, but if you are just cutting life then I am sure that your life lacks purpose.
Every person has a purpose and goal in life and one strives to fulfill it throughout his life.  But many people remain in a state of disillusionment with their life purpose, they do not know what is the purpose of their life?  Whenever human nature is full of happiness, then there is no question about its objectives in its mind, but as soon as failure is found, then the first question that comes to mind is what is the purpose of our life.  Everybody lives trying to find out why they are really in this place, and what is their purpose in staying in this place.  If the same question arises in your mind again and again, try to know it and also try to know the objectives of your life.

 Do you really have any purpose?  Are you taking the car of life aimlessly?

 Remember, your purpose only creates a passion to do something inside you.  You have to create a purpose and get it done with full dedication.
Friends, there are many types of desires in us.  The desire to achieve success, the desire to achieve one's cause, the desire to do something, the desire to die for something that makes life meaningful, the desire to do something big.  But most people go to the grave with few desires in mind.

Do you ask yourself a question every day?  The question is:

 Is there any purpose in your life and if you are, are you approaching your objective in your life?

 Are you thinking about yourself as selfish or do you have to do something for others as well?

 Have you put some responsibilities in your shoulders or are you going like this?

 Whether or not there is a clear goal to achieve your objective, if it is working hard for it or just waiting to be completed in the dream?

If you are answering these questions with the word 'N' then your life needs a lot of change and you are wasting your time every day.

 Always remember one thing, life gives us everything according to the way we give it.  This is the principle of nature, we will get what we give.  If we plant acacia tree, then where will we get mangoes.  Acacia tree does not have mangoes.  So why do we give something different to life and want something different to achieve.We have to find the purpose of our life, we have to know what we really want to do.  The sooner we discover our Purpose, the better it will be for us.

 Finding your life's purpose is not so easy, it is nothing short of a big challenge.  When our purpose is clear, then our life completely forms its balance.  We become Aware in a way and we know where we have to stand firmly.

 You cannot just sit quietly and watch the spectacle.  To make life meaningful, one will have to make a big effort or say life to achieve its purpose.  'Let it happen', we have to come out from here… wherever we need change, we have to stand there.  Therefore, make a purpose in life because how far can your car go without purpose, I say that the car cannot move forward.



We wrote a line at the top of this post, 'Living without purpose, living is like dying' While we are alive, we are living with a purpose.  The truth is that we have been sent to this world with a specific aim and we all have to move forward with our own purpose only then we will be able to go far.

 In this world, most people just live and instead of making their time meaningful, they just spend time, and just keep counting the days, when will the good day come?  But if we have a clear goal or objective then everything is in our hands.

There is no person in this world who does not love his life, the life of all of us is very precious and we are special because we can achieve everything on our own by our hard work and achieve  Only when you get Purpose of life
                         If you want to do something big in your life or have some big dreams, then make a clear objective, take responsibility for it, get involved in it and keep working with it… because to dream and fulfill it with hard work  People's dreams are fulfilled one day or the other… Just keep on… Keep going and everything will go right with you.

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